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You’ve talked to your Contractors’ References, now what?

Posted on:  May 24, 2012

As part of your homework, you should also be checking out the websites of the home remodelers you are considering.  You’ll get a strong feeling for the contractors’ practices, values, browse through their photos of past projects, and learn what’s important for them to convey to homeowners.  You should also be checking out their on-line reviews, which should be easily accessible through their websites.  You should be able to find them on Angie’s List and Guild Quality to read some independent reviews as well.

Now you need to dig a bit deeper with questions not necessarily found on their websites nor through their references. 

1.      Are you talking to the owner or a salesperson?  Who will you be dealing with throughout the planning stages of your job?  During the actual construction?

2.      How accessible do you feel the owner is to you?  Have you met her/ him?  Do they respond quickly to your calls?

3.      Are the home remodelers working out of their trucks?  How established are they?  If they have an office, what is the environment like?  If they have a showroom, when can you go see it?

4.      How many people are part of the remodeling company’s crew?  Sub-contractors or employees?  How long have they been working with the contractor (subs and employees)?

5.      Find out about how they work… are they organized?  Do they have processes in place or do you feel like they’re ‘winging’ it?

We’d love to know what you’re thinking…

  • What other questions would you ask a residential remodeler upon first meeting?
  • How many remodeling companies do you like to interview before choosing one?

Remember … your home is your most important financial asset.  Before you hire a contractor, check out their references, their on-line reviews, and their websites.  Visit their showrooms and / or offices.  Do your homework!

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