Pricing Overview for Our Remodeling Projects at JMC

Does your home seem cramped or outdated? You don’t have to rush to pack your bags and move to a new property; remodeling projects are often cheaper and much easier. At JMC, not only do we want to create a beautiful space in your home, we also want to share the prices with you upfront.

Take a look at the figures below to get a better idea of the cost range of our projects. It’s important to note that these are estimates based on past work we’ve done. Every project is unique and so is its relative cost.

Our Process

Though every project we complete is unique, for most, we follow this 16-step process.

Home Additions & New Construction Costs

Taking on a new construction project can be an exciting process, and when you partner with our team at JMC, the results will be breathtaking. Though it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a room addition with so many factors to consider, we’d be happy to give you an estimated approximate budget. Give us a call at (973) 386-0707 to discuss your project.

For more help with budgeting your project, view our guide, Remodeling: Cost vs. Value.